BRUSKO is a hookah blend based on Sudanese rose. Two strength options are available - Medium and Strong. The product is characterized by excellent smokiness and heat resistance, balanced taste, and strength. The blend is packaged in plastic cans of 50 and 250 grams, which ensures maximum convenience in working with BRUSKO both at home and in lounge bars. BRUSKO blend goes well with both tobacco and non-tobacco blends. BRUSKO - beautiful on the outside, tasty on the inside.

A refreshing mix based on green apple, which has a bright sourness, and ripe sweet kiwi combined with ice is ideal for a hot summer day.

Apple strudel

Traditional European dessert with a filling of baked apples with the addition of cinnamon and ginger will delight lovers of spicy dessert combinations.

Apple with mint

The taste of a classic sour-sweet green apple, flavoured with a refreshing mint.


An unusual aroma that has just been torn from the tree of ripe apricot will delight lovers of non-standard tastes.


Спелый и бархатистый банан под мягкой кожурой обладает насыщенным и плотным ароматом, а нежное послевкусие сладко распадается на волокнистую текстуру плода.

Banana cookies

An unusual dessert mix, inside which crisp cookies are hidden and a slightly baked banana will delight lovers of sweet.

Banana pie

A rich dessert mix, inside which you can find the tastes of gentle bakery and a sweet caramelized banana with cream notes.

Belgian waffles

Classic Belgian waffles with the addition of banana cream and strawberries will become an ideal choice for lovers of delicate dessert flavors.

Berry drink

A balanced taste of a cool drink with a pronounced berry acid, which is based on blackcurrant and raspberry fruit.

Berry lollipops

The rich taste of sweet berry candies with light sourness, based on grapes, black currant and blueberries, has a lightweight refreshing effect.

Berry needles

A light coniferous aroma in combination with a bright berry mix and fresh mint notes will be the perfect solution for every day.

Blueberry with mint

The combination of flavors of ripe blueberries and fresh peppermint is excellent both in its pure form and in the union with any other berry mixes.

Cactus date

Surely no one has ever tasted a cactus taste, but an unusual sour-sweet fruit combination inside awaits you.


If you want to enjoy the gentle creamy coffee taste, it is enough just to score our cappuccino into the bowl. A bust of energy is assured!


A classic American dessert with an incredibly bright creamy taste will delight lovers of soft and light combinations.


The taste of bright, slightly sour cherry pulp will become the perfect addition to any mix in your bowl.

Cherry cola

The flavor of a well-known soda drink with added cherry syrup

Cherry lemonade

A refreshing drink based on cherry juice with the addition of lemon and lime has a balanced taste with light citrus sour.

Chocolate with mint

Lightweight milk chocolate in combination with sweet and a little refreshing mint will bring a little variety to the already familiar mixes.


The bright taste of slightly sweet black tea with the addition of a wedge of ripe lemon has a multifaceted and balanced aroma.

Coconut with ice

Refreshing and light coconut will remind you of all the legendary cocktails that you want to enjoy on the sandy shore.


Bright sweet and sour taste of the northern berry with a splash of tartness will accomplish and enrich any mix.

Creamy caramel

The refined aroma of sweet cream caramel will delight every pastry chef with its gentle enveloping taste.


The multi-faceted flavour of the legendary Cuban cocktail, made from aged rum laced with cola and fresh squeezed lime juice.

Cucumber lemonade

Refreshing lemonade mix with the juicy pulp of fresh cucumber and sour-sweet lemon will not leave you indifferent on a hot summer day.


The unusual taste of sour-sweet elderberries with a scarcely perceptible floral aroma is perfect for giving colors to any mix.

Energy drink

The original taste of the energy drink with light citrus notes will not leave anyone indifferent and will give a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day.


A unique combination of the classic taste of an energy drink familiar to everyone with the addition of sweet tropical mango.


A unique taste of evergreen exotic tree fruit makes a perfect match with lemonade, dessert, and tropical flavors.


A multifaceted sweet and sour combination of delicate feijoa fruit pulp and forest berry placer, complemented by a bright taste of ripe passion fruit.


Every lover of non-standard sweet aromas will like delicate fig jam and will be able to surprise with his unusual taste.

Fruit dragee

Assorted fruit-berry candies with flavors of black currant, lemon, orange and lime will give bright emotions to every fan of sour-sweet combinations.

Ginger lemonade

The sour-sweet drink based on spicy ginger and lemon juice is perfect for fans of non-standard lemonade mixes.


Rich sweet and sour taste of dark grapes is perfect for enjoying separately or combined with citrus and berry flavors.

Grapefruit with raspberry

The rich taste of grapefruit pulp with light bittweness combined with ripe garden raspberry will not leave indifferent fans of fruit and berry mixes.


Excellent addition to any fruit, tropical or berry mix, which without chill perceive is not so bright.

Ice currant

The combination of ripe, slightly tart black currant, sour-sweet red currant, and ice will delight lovers of unusual berry mixes.

Ice watermelon

The taste of juicy watermelon pulp with the addition of ice will be perfectly revealed both alone and in combination with other fruit-berry tastes.

Kiwi with lemon

A non-standard combination of fragrances of delicate rich kiwi, with a light herbaceous note, and bright sweet and sour lemon.

Lemon pie

A light dessert mix, which hides the tastes of the crumbly sandy dough and tender lemon cream with vanilla notes.

Lemon with melissa

An interesting and bright mix of sour-sweet lemon and Melissa aroma will perfectly go to slightly tart lovers and herbaceous combinations.

Lychee with ice

The bright taste of sweet exotic fruit with ice is perfect both alone and in any tropical mix.

Mango with ice

The bright taste of ripe and juicy mango fruits with a decent amount of the chill will open perfectly as in any tropical mix and alone.

Mango with orange and mint

The combination of juicy tropical mango, ripe orange and a refreshing sweet mint, will appeal to lovers of tart mixes with citrus notes.

Mango with passion fruit

A sweet and sour mix of tropical fruit flavors — passion fruit and mango

Melon with coconut and caramel

Here we mixed the tastes of ripe melon and sweet coconut, after which they slightly set the delicate caramel.


Classical mint will delight with its sweetness and light cool in any mix, who wants to make a fusion.


The famous Cuban cocktail in a non-alcoholic variation, which is based on lime juice and fresh mint leaves, will help refresh even on the hottest day.


The combination of many fruits and berries can surprise unusual and bright notes in an almost inseparable mix. It is worth trying!


Absolutely unusual flavour of crispy corn chips with spices and tomato sauce, which will not leave the lovers of original taste indifferent.

Nut cookies

The rich dessert flavour of sweet shortcake with акшув hazelnuts will appeal to fans of bright baked goods with nutty notes.

Orange with mint

Bright taste of ripe orange with a refreshing mint note. This taste will go without any problems in any mix in your bowl.


The fruit of an exotic Latin American berry with a soft texture and a light cream note leaves behind a sweet and very fragrant aftertaste of tropical motives.


The taste of the sweet and sour fruit of Brazilian fruit hanging from tropical vines is the best option for both individual sessions and mixes with citrus or berry aromas.

Passion fruit and raspberry smoothie

A refreshing mix based on the pulp of ripe passion fruit and juicy raspberry berries with added ice, with a balanced sweet and sour taste.

Peach with banana and strawberry

The balance of ripe peach, delicate banana and fresh strawberries creates a mouth-watering burst of flavor.

Pear with banana

A soft and balanced fruit mix based on the flavours of ripe sweet pear fruit and tender banana.

Pina colada

The famous Caribbean cocktail, which always has pineapple with coconut, is supplemented with light strawberry notes.


The sour-sweet taste of the pulp of juicy pineapple will not leave anyone indifferent both in its pure form and in any fruit mix.

Pineapple with mango and strawberry

An unusual tropical mix based on the pulp of ripe pineapple and slightly herbaceous mango, softened by the delicate aroma of sweet strawberries.


An unusual tropical mix based on juicy pineapple, pomelo and lychee is perfect for those who like sweet and fruity combinations.


The unique taste of burgundy fruit is filled with many juicy, tongue-binding sour grains. The legend of Middle Eastern cuisine is right in your bowl.

Pu-Erh Tea

The taste of Chinese Puer Tea, which has tart woody notes music with light cream, is perfectly combined with berry and herbaceous flavors.


The sour-sweet taste of raspberries will remind the warm summer days and perfectly complement any berry mix in your bowl.

Red grape and black currant with ice

A rich taste of sweet red grape and slightly tart black currant cooled juice

Siberian lemonade

The taste of the famous lemonade is saturated with grassy and coniferous notes. Of course, with the addition of ice.

Strawberry jam

The sweet strawberry jam will delight lovers of saturated berry flavors, and in combination with light dessert mixes, its taste will reveal even more interesting.


The bright taste of the classic green lemonade "Tarkhun" is made basis on estragon and lemon juice. An unforgettable taste straight from childhood.

Tropical smoothie

Fruit mix of ripe peach, juicy mango and gentle passionfruit with a slight refreshing effect perfectly fans of tropical combinations.

Watermelon with kiwi and strawberry

The unusual fruit-berry combination of juicy watermelon pulp, delicate kiwi fruit and ripe strawberry has a multifaceted soft taste.