The catalog presents advanced and innovative families of e-cigarettes BRUSKO MINICAN, BRUSKO FLEXUS, BRUSKO VILTER and many other devices for a wide audience, as well as BRUSKO hookah mixtures, e-liquids and hookah accessories.
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Excise liquid BRUSKO

BRUSKO 10 ml - the first liquid for electronic cigarettes on the Russian market, marked according to the requirements of the state marking and tracing system "Chestny ZNAK"


Disposable e-cigarettes BRUSKO MINICAN DISPOSABLE are devices with a classic design for POD systems BRUSKO MINICAN. High autonomy of e-cigarettes is achieved due to the volumetr...


The first unique device in the BRUSKO line of e-cigarettes, on which you can vape e-liquids of two formats: e-liquid of the PG / VG format - 30/70 is suitable for mesh coils with 0.17 and 0.25 Ohm resistance, and e-liquid with format PG / VG - 50/50 is suitable for a mesh coil of 0.6 Ohm.


BRUSKO RIIL X is an electronic cigarette with a replaceable coil and adjustable airflow. The golden RIIL X is covered with 24K gold spray, and the device comes with a lanyard and keychain that make BRUSKO RIIL X an icon of style among e-cigarettes

BRUSKO micool

BRUSKO MICOOL is an electronic cigarette with a replaceable pod, automatic draw and an incredibly spacious 5ml tank that does not ...


Lightweight, stylish and simple pod system with replaceable cartridges and air blowing control, which is achieved by rotating the ...

BRUSKO minican

The compact device with a reusable pod has a bright taste transfer capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers thanks to mesh-coil.

BRUSKO minican 2

Renewed device BRUSKO MINICAN 2 has more battery capacity, a modern Type-C charging port and mesh-coil.

BRUSKO minican plus

The compact device with a reusable pod has a bright taste transfer capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers thanks to mesh-coil.

BRUSKO minican 3

This is the first device with a replaceable coil in BRUSKO MINICAN family of devices. The BRUSKO MINICAN 3 coil fits in a pod compatible with...

BRUSKO minican 3 pro

The pod system with removable coils and an innovative display for this line is the most autonomous device of the entire MINICAN family...

brusko feelin

A comprehensive device with a replaceable mesh coil, three power modes and adjustable airflow. It can be fully...

brusko feelin x

Many functions of the device can be easily configured for yourself using a convenient OLED display located on the front of..

brusko feelin mini

A device with two types of refillable pods (0.6 and 1.0 Ohm) has unbelievable bright taste transfer thanks to mesh-coil...

BRUSKO vilter

The compact device with a refillable cartridge is able to provide an original experience because of its cylindrical mouthpiece...

BRUSKO vilter S

Airy-fairy and easy-to-carry device won’t take up much space in your pocket, wallet or purse. The anodized aluminum case modern ASP chipset insi...


Cylindric shape of the drip-tip along with a pack of drip-tips gives you unusual sensation while vaping, reminding those of a regular cigarette.....


A light and affordable device with a battery, able tol last within a whole day, provides high steam generation, and the modern mesh coil enables accurate and bright tastetransfer...


The pod is compatible with all the pods of BRUSKO FLEXUS. The e-cigarette is equipped with the chipset which detects resistance of the coil installed and provides the necessary power....


Comfort and elegant style combine in a multifunctional device BRUSKO FLEXUS Q. This e-cigarette combines several features: replaceable coil, adjusted...


A unique POD system that combines many functions and capabilities. The mood of the device is as you want: adjust the tightening, change the power...


The new electronic cigarette BRUSKO FLEXUS BLOK is very easy to fill: move the side slider of the cartridge and fill the liquid inside without removing the tank from the case!...

BRUSKO favostix mini

Stylish and easy-to-carry device with refillable pods capable of surprising even the most demanding consumers and the mesh coil enables extremely accurate and bright taste transfer....

BRUSKO favostix

A device with two types of refillable pods (0.6 and 1.0 Ohm) has unbelievable bright taste transfer thanks to mesh-coil. Power regulation...

BRUSKO pixel pro

Thanks to mesh-coil AIO-system BRUSKO PIXEL PRO will please everyone with bright taste transfer. Fast access to the tank refill...


Each of the hookah is made of high-quality materials which makes BRUSKO HAZE to last for a long time. And the stylish and practical design will be a perfect match to any interior, making it more unique.


Coal from BRUSKO is hookah coal made of high quality coconut shells...


Discover a new level of hookah smoking pleasure with BRUSKO ZERO - a zero nicotine, tobacco-free shisha that delivers unforgettable taste.

BRUSKO tobacco

It is open to everyone. Everyone knows it, but no one knows what it is. You have seen it before: at a party with your best friend, in the company of colleagues, or crossed paths with it in the store...


BRUSKO is a hookah blend based on Sudanese rose. Two strength options are available - Medium and Strong. The product is characterized by excellent smokiness and heat resistance, balanced taste...


BRUSKO is a hookah blend based on Sudanese rose. One version of the strength(Strong) is available. In the BRUSKO BIT line, the emphasis is on non-standard taste commitments...

Accessories and hookah bowls

BRUSKO hookah accessories are reliable and stylish devices you can hardly imagine contemporary hookah and hookah session without.

Coloured MINICAN Pods

Match coloured Pods with any device of MINICAN family! Enjoy the bright taste thanks to handy form and mesh coil with the regular resistance.

Prefilled Pods for BRUSKO MINICAN

With BRUSKO MINICAN Prefilled Pods you don’t need to need scratch your head over choosing a liquid – e-liquid is already inside MINICAN Prefilled Pods.

Brusko x fave

BRUSKO x FAVE is a chewing tobacco created in the collaboration of BRUSKO and FAVE brands.