The BRUSKO brand is the exclusive official supplier of the MINICAN family of electronic cigarettes manufactured by Aspire in Russia. Our company guarantees the quality of the supplied products, and in case of detection of a factory defect, it provides a service for the return and exchange of goods.

Aspire does not directly sell its devices in Russia, and all products associated with the BRUSKO brand, but sold without its mention on packaging and electronic cigarettes, are counterfeit and often of lower quality.

All devices manufactured under the BRUSKO brand undergo a preliminary quality check before they hit the shelves. In addition to the fact that the period of operation of an uncertified device is often much shorter, the use of such devices can lead to a number of undesirable and often dangerous consequences:
  • failure of the tightening sensor, as a result of which constant leaks are guaranteed and the device will go out of working condition in the future;
  • incorrect operation of electronics, as a result of which a reduction in the service life of a replaceable pod and negative sensations from use (liquid entering the oral cavity, foreign tastes) are possible;
  • rapid battery failure, which may cause the device to catch fire.

In addition to electronic cigarettes of the MINICAN family, under the BRUSKO brand, in collaboration with Aspire, electronic cigarettes FAVOSTIX, PIXEL PRO, VILTER and others are released. The BRUSKO brand is also the exclusive official supplier of these devices in Russia. When buying, pay attention to the presence of the BRUSKO logo on the packaging and the device. If the logo is missing, then you have a counterfeit product.

If you come across a counterfeit product related to electronic cigarettes under the BRUSKO brand, take a photo of the Batch code (located on the side of the box) and send it to us along with information about where this product is sold.

Purchase BRUSKO products only from official distributors, the list of which is indicated on our website in the 'List of Distributors' section.

If you have doubts about the quality of our products, please contact us!

Phone:8 800 500-86-56.