New Flavours of BRUSKO Shisha

BRUSKO presents five new flavours, supplementing tobacco and non-tobacco shisha lines.

BRUSKO non-tobacco shisha line was complemented by “Banana” and “Passionfruit” monoflavours.

“Banana” – ripe velvet banana pulp with rich and bright scent, its delicate aftertaste creates a mouth-watering burst of flavour.
“Passionfruit” – the taste of sweet and sour Brazil fruit hanging from tropical lianas is a perfect option for individual sessions as well as to mix it with citrus or berry flavours.

BRUSKO tobacco shisha line is enlarged by “Mango” and “Grape” monoflavours and a dessert flavour “Lemon waffles”:

“Mango” – is a juice of the tropical fruit just ripened at the sun, with a bit of sourness, poured into glasses leaving particles of ripe and sweet flesh on its walls.
“Grape” – juicy berries of dark grapes provide you with a wave of sweet delight leaving aftertaste with a sour note, delivering charming tangy and sweet tones of September fruit.
“Lemon waffles”- crispy waffles with delicate lemon filling that scatter into sweet and light lemon cream and sweet-scented pastry with creamy notes you can slightly feel in the aftertaste.

Look for the new BКUSKO shisha flavours in the stores of your city.