Light Em Up with BRUSKO MICOOL!

BRUSKO MICOOL is an e-cigarette with a replaceable pod and auto draw activation, created in collaboration with BRUSKO and ZQ companies. BRUSKO is an exclusive official Russian supplier of MICOOL e-cigarettes made by ZQ.

Made of polycarbonate BRUSKO MICOOL is square-shaped with rounded corners, reminding rather a wireless earphones case than an e-cigarette. The light device is equipped with ASP chipset that ensures the device safety.

Unbelievably capacious 5 ml replaceable pod is made of food plastic. The wide bottom is leakage proof due to engineer solution thus enabling safety of the device if handled properly. Due to food plastic features having no impact on taste and properties of the liquid in the tank, the BRUSKO MICOOL perfectly preserves the liquid. Despite the total width of the device and the pod the mouthpiece design delivers the right organoleptic feelings while smoking.

There is a mesh coil made of Kanthal AF ferrum and aluminum alloy. The mesh coil is wrapped with organic Japan cotton, that perfectly absorbs liquid, thus enabling accurate taste transfer.

The pod has an easy bottom fill, just open the silicone seal, and add the liquid inside.

BRUSKO MICOOL has 500 mAh battery and Type-C charge. The charging port at the bottom of the device is highlighted by LED indicators showing with RGB colours the battery status and possible errors arising during the device operation (like overtime puff). For more detailed information you can read the individual manual attached to every device. BRUSKO MICOOL can be fully charged in 60 m and that will be enough for the whole day.

BRUSKO MICOOL. Getting on with your party!