The official position of BRUSKO regarding control of production and sales of tobacco-free shisha.

January 27, at 00.01 an article was published at the newsportal of “Izvestia” newspaper. The article was focused on prohibition on online sales of tobacco-free blends, introduction of excise taxes for this type of products, and research of qualitative-quantitative composition of tobacco-free shisha aerosols. The editor’s office approached to our company asking if we confirm the results of the research and our opinion on the introduction of excise taxes for tobacco-free shisha.

We confirm the fact our BRUSKO tobacco-free shisha contains nicotine. In April 2022 a tobacco consulting agency Fedotov Group published laboratory report based on FSBSI “Russian national research institute of tobacco and tobacco products”. The laboratory made this research according to the national standard GOST 30038-93 (ISO 2881-77) which are available for public.

According to results of independent research BRUSKO tobacco free shisha of Medium strength contains 0,282% nicotine. The difference in numbers is explained by the fact that Fedotov group used the mix itself and, in the research, mentioned in “Izvetia” they studied aerosol.

Speaking of the research in general, we have to say we don’t agree for one reason. Currently in Russian Federation there is neither an approved method of research of tobacco-free blends nor a GOST (national standard) for this type of products. It is worth mentioning that at the present time such national standard is being developed, and our company is participating. This is the GOST “Tobacco free blend for heating. General specifications” developed by Russian national research institute of tobacco and tobacco products. It is planned to be passed by government in March-April 2023.

This GOST specifies the largest possible quantity of nicotine in the blend and requirements to the package.

Apart from tobacco free shisha and marking, and focus on compliance with law and regulations we would like to mention that our company is one of the market leaders in legal importation of e-cigarettes. In 2021 we took the 2nd place in this category (the data as of 2022 are not collected and processed at this writing. In case the bill on the excise duty for tobacco free shisha is adopted we will definitely apply all the necessary regulations.

It is worth mentioning separately online sales of nicotine containing products any case of sales to underaged persons, which is already prohibited by the Federal Law FZ-15. Our official online-shops at Wildberries and Ozone marketplaces perform sales of those products only, which are permitted by law to be sold online.

The official position of BRUSKO regarding online sales of tobacco free blends and sales to underaged is unchanged: we support the existing version of the Federal Law FZ-15 and totally agree that sales of such products to minors and online sales of nicotine-containing products should be restrained by suppressed by law. Enacting a GOST for tobacco-free shisha and compliance with government regulations on mandatory marking.