BRUSKO Riil X. Shapes your style.

BRUSKO RIIL X is an e-cigarette with replaceable coil and adjustable airflow, created in by BRUSKO in collaboration with Aspire. BRUSKO is an official exclusive Russian supplier of Riil X made by Aspire.

BRUSKO RIIL X is made in two colours: silver and golden. The golden BRUSKO RIIL X is covered with a spray finish containing real 99.9% 24K gold, thus making the device unique. The ergonomic form-factor makes the device easy-to-carry but for consumers’ comfort there is a lanyard to hang BRUSKO RIIL X on the neck.

The premium class device is equipped with high-tech chipset ASP, that protects the inside of the device from low/high resistance, overcharge/discharge, overheat and short circuit.

BRUSKO RIIL X pod is made of food grade PCTG plastic, this is a strong and safe material, that has no impact on the qualities of the liquid inside. The drip-tip is a bit flattened, and the 2 ml is easy to fill: just remove the pod, lift the silicone seal and pour the liquid through the side hole.

The pod is attached to the device with the magnet connectors, this is the most modern, practical and comfortable attachment as of today, enabling the active use of BRUSKO RIIL X in modern life.

There is a replaceable mesh coil made of ferrum, chrome and aluminum inside the pod. Two coils 0,6 Ohm and 1,0 Ohm go with the device. 1 Ohm mesh coil works with 12-15 W, and the 0,6 Ohm coil works with 15-18 W. There is organic Japan cotton inside the coil. Due to the cotton and mesh construction of the coil it is possible to reach the accurate taste transfer.

The BRUSKO RIIL X airflow is regulated by a switch on the side of the pod, thus providing RTDL as well as tight MTL draw.

The capacious 700 mAh battery is enough for a long time of usage. BRUSKO RIIL X is charged with USB Type-C charging port and due to the capacity of the battery and fast charge option the device may be charged completely in 20 minutes.

Emphasize your identity with BRUSKO RIIL X.