Spring Release of new tastes in Hookah Mix Line

Spring berry-fruit taste of new flavors in BRUSKO line will immediately immerse you in a warm sunshine. Stay on the bright side. Stay with BRUSKO

1) «Feijoa» – a unique taste of evergreen exotic tree fruit makes a perfect match with lemonade, dessert, and tropical flavors.

2) «Peach with bananas and strawberries» – the balance of ripe peach, delicate banana and fresh strawberries creates a mouth-watering burst of flavor

3) «Cranberry» Bright sweet and sour taste of the northern berry with a splash of tartness will accomplish and enrich any mix.

4) «Grapes» rich sweet and sour taste of dark grapes is perfect for enjoying separately or combined with citrus and berry flavors.

Strength: Medium and Strong.
Available in 50 and 250 g.